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Smart Tower: Structures that Think


structures remotely.


owner risk.


income potential.

How severely will the next weather event damage your structure?

The purpose-designed Smart Tower sensor package employs complex mathematics and cutting-edge hardware to deliver a revolutionary suite of sensors and software that continuously and remotely monitors structural health. Leverage these advanced, ultra-precise sensors and modern communications technology to gather hard structural analysis data based on actual responses of the structure to weather events.

Maximize assets and reduce costs with Smart Tower by…

  • Mitigating risk to owner/operator
  • Generating alarms and notifications
  • Accessing cloud-based historical data
  • Reducing costs due to continuous health monitoring
  • Notifying of structural damage from wind-induced oscillations
  • Creating the potential for extending structural inspection intervals
  • Facilitating post-storm triage more efficiently

What does Smart Tower do?

Smart Tower provides a picture of structural health by measuring displacement, twist/sway rotations, destructive oscillations and permanent deformations.

FACT: The data that Smart Tower produces is so valuable in mitigating risk that major insurance underwriters have committed to offering premium credits for structure owners who install and maintain a Smart Tower sensor package*.

(*Subject to Underwriting)


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US Patent No. 10,257,592 B2