Smart Tower Systems LLC, a company that specializes in continuous structural health monitoring, has created new technology for owners and engineers that measures structural oscillations and changes to mitigate risk and maximize income potential, all while monitoring remotely from a computer or mobile phone. By leveraging these advanced, ultra-precise sensors and modern communications technology, tower owners and engineers can have a near real-time picture of their structures’ health and current condition.

In the past, the effects of nature and other impacts were typically evaluated through site visits. The new Smart Tower system, however, utilizes high tech sensors to provide continuous remote monitoring Due to the benefits of continuous structural health monitoring, major insurance underwriters have committed to offering premium credits for  owners who install and maintain a Smart Tower sensor package (subject to underwriting).

Easily installed in less than half a day, the Smart Tower suite of sensors continuously measures structural health, reducing overall costs and risk to owners. With no detectable RF emission, Smart Tower sensors operate seamlessly in sensitive communication environments. Smart Tower sensors are also designed to operate in high RF broadcast environments as well. Data is securely transmitted to an encrypted server in the Cloud, where responses are processed using proprietary algorithms. Preset or user-based parameters then trigger alerts to a computer or mobile device. In addition, periodic structural health status reports are generated. In the event of a failure, the Smart Tower system uses black box technology for forensic analysis. Historical data is accessible from the Cloud.


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US Patent No. 10,257,592 B2