What It Does

Smart Tower measures displacement, oscillation and other impacts on poles, towers and guyed masts, continuously monitoring structural health to build and store a database of information. Analyzing the data can reveal gradual changes in a structure’s health, leading to the early detection and mitigation of structural issues before they escalate to more serious conditions, or in worst case scenarios, failure.

Beyond measurement, Smart Tower also notifies of immediate issues, potentially enabling owners to extend required structural inspection intervals and reduce labor and site management costs. By setting structure-specific alert parameters, owners can customize alerts to be as sensitive or tolerant as desired. Alerts transmit to the Cloud, then to the user’s mobile phone, computer or other device.

Smart Tower also produces automated summary health status reports – customizable to any preferred schedule. Choose to receive reports once a day, once a week, monthly, yearly, etc.


What does Smart Tower measure?

Smart Tower measures structural properties and displacement, destructive oscillation, twist and sway rotation, permanent deformation due to wind ice, earthquakes, solar distortion, construction activities etc.

Computer-Measured Truth Testing

In the video to the right, a Smart Tower sensor was paired with an optical sensor array to obtain actual measurement involving movement of a test pole.


What happens to Smart Tower in the case of an emergency or power failure?

The Smart Tower sensor system uses emergency power in the event of power loss or structure failure. If a catastrophic event occurs, the Smart Tower changes to non-volatile memory for approximately one minute after a sensor is disconnected from its Ground Control Unit (GCU). Because data is encrypted and sent to the Cloud, data from the pre-event time period can be viewed without interruption. Data occurring after the  data cable connection is broken is stored on the sensor and can be retrieved forensically at the Smart Tower facility.



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US Patent No. 10,257,592 B2